Cart Abandonment

Preventing lost sales on your e-commerce shopping site was not possible in the past. Customers could visit your website, shop and add items to their shopping carts. They could even begin the check our process to see how much shipping and handling charges were and how much sales tax would be to get a total amount for their order. Once they had this information they could leave your website, resulting in cart abandonment, and go off to a competitor to comparison shop.

Preventing cart abandonment is possible today using special software solutions which targets consumers that are going to leave your website. One feature many websites are beginning to offer is automated chat. This type of feature can include a link to initiate the feature when the consumer needs help or when specific actions are performed on the website, such as getting ready to leave you site while items are in the consumer�s shopping cart.

The automated chat feature opens and offers to provide assistance to customers which can result in preventing cart abandonment. By being able to answer questions about pricing, provide specific product information or shipping concerns, you can secure sales. This feature can include any information you want to include, even offering special promotion codes for discounts or free shipping. You can even suggestive sell other products by letting consumers know that other people that looked at this item, also purchased another related product.

Another feature you can add to your e-commerce shopping website is email remarketing which, while not stopping cart abandonment initially, can bring consumers back to your website to finish their transactions. This feature sends and email to the user once you have captured their email address or you can enable SMS features should you be able to capture their cell phone number. The email message can thank them from stopping by your site to shop, direct them to a phone number for live customer support, include discount codes and even an embedded link to take them back to the last page they visited on your website to complete their sales transaction.

One final feature you can use for cart abandonment is an abandonment survey. This feature will pop up when the customer is leaving the website and ask them why they are leaving and did not purchase the items in their shopping cart. You can even ask for their email address to sign up for future promotions and special offers. Obtaining the reason why someone is leaving your site can help you make improvements to your website as well as learn more about your non-customers and their shopping preferences.

You can find all of these cart abandonment features available from UpSellit, which offers a free trial test of their Smart Agent Sales Assistant solution which provides abandonment chat. Each of these abandonment tools can be used individually or you can use all of them on your website. You can obtain more information about these useful tools which can increase your online sales when you visit the website or call 866-504-9619.

Automated Chat

Organizations today need more than just an e-commerce website to expand their business. When people visit your website to shop available products and merchandise, they can often have questions and will leave your site if they cannot get answers easily. One way you can prevent people from leaving your e-commerce store and looking at the competition is to offer automated chat.

In the past automated chat online was not possible through your e-commerce store. Customers could make purchases but when they had questions would need to pick up the telephone and call before finalizing their transactions. Frustrated potential customers may even decide to not purchase from your company and will go to an actual retail store or another competitor�s site which they are already familiar with instead.

Automated chat is a feature which helps prevent people from leaving your website. You can choose when to have this feature automatically pop up as well as have a link available on any of your sites web pages. As customers shop, they can get assistance to have their questions answered by enabling the chat feature. Offering this feature can increase your sales and even allows you the ability to offer special discount offers to close the deal.

Should a potential customer change their mind about their purchase and get ready to leave your website, your automated chat feature can pop up and ask the person if there is anything they need help with on your e-commerce website. Often, people may be confused about shipping, locating items, or prices online. When you have both a retail store and an e-commerce shopping site, they may assume in-store prices will be the same. You can save sales by being able to answer these questions when you use this web sales tool.

Automated chat features are designed to provide access for the most common types of questions and you can design how you want the system to respond. You can include links to product information, offer suggestive selling, or any other types of responses which will aid the person need assistance. You can even include your phone number when the person needs to speak to a live person for specific questions not answered by the automated sales agent.

Organizations which utilize automated chat features can experience a ten to twenty-five percent increase in online sales. This is because the potential customer was able to have their questions answered and be able to complete the transaction. Without this feature, you are left to trust that the potential customer will return later to complete their order once they are ready to purchase or can get their questions answered.

You can find automated chat solutions available from UpSellit which offers strategic abandonment recovery solutions to increase online sales that otherwise would have been lost. They even allow you to try their Smart Agent for free which runs twenty four hours a day and can handle multiple customers all at the same time. You can learn more about this solution as well as other recovery solutions when you visit the website or call 866-504-9619.

Site Abandonment

Losing sales is an issue for organizations when they are faced with competition. Being able to control potentially lost sales and get consumers to change their mind about their purchases is important in this day and age when consumers do more shopping online. One reason companies lose sales which they cannot control is due to site abandonment once a user has obtained the information they require about your products or services.

Site abandonment can occur at any time one a visitor opens your website. They can be in the middle of reading product descriptions, comparing prices or even have items in their shopping carts. Sometime users will even go so far as to initiate the check-out process to determine the costs of shipping and handling as well as any applicable sales taxes. At any point, they simply close their internet session or jump to another website, which is often one of your competitors to compare products, services and prices.

You can prevent site abandonment using different tools available for your website. One feature you can use to attempt to get users to return and finalize transactions is email remarketing. This tool is ideal when the user had already added items to their shopping cart or even started the check-out process. When you request the user to register with your site or have obtained their email address during check-out this tool captures that information and then uses it to send an email to the user. You can even remarket through SMS via text message when you capture the user�s cell phone number.

The email message sent through email remarketing can include any custom message you desire. You can include special offers and promotions in order to tempt the consumer to purchase their products or services from your company. You can even have the email message embedded with a link taking them back the last page they visited before site abandonment occurred. This feature saves them time from trying to remember where they were and the products they were looking at before closing the web session. This tool alone can increase you online sales from five to fifteen percent.

Another tool to aid in site abandonment is automated chat using smart technologies which recognize regular text. Users may be hesitant to finalize sales transactions when they have specific questions about products, return policies, shipping costs and other items. This tool can be designed to open the moment the user starts to close the web session. You can even have a link for this automated feature placed on all of your web pages and allow users to initiate the feature on their own. The use of this tool can help drive an additional ten to twenty-five percent in sales that otherwise would have been lost.

You can find these site abandonment tools available from UpSellit which offers their Smart Agent product for free to try it out. They offer 100% pay-for-performance abandonment solutions which do not require any set up fees or maintenance fees. For further information or assistance, call 866-504-9619 or visit the website and stop losing customers to the competition.

Email Remarketing

People spend more time online today than they did in the past. With the introduction of smart phone and portable tablet PCs people are even staying connected when they are not at home. Mobile web users are the most active interest users and they spend time shopping on websites, comparing products and looking for the best deals. One way you can help increase your sales whenever someone browses your website is through email remarketing.

Email remarketing is sending an email to a potential customer and thanking them for visiting your website. The email message can include special discount offers, like free shipping or a percentage off their order when they return to your e-commerce web store and complete their transaction. There is even software available which will bring the user right back to the last page they were visiting on your site using dynamic built in links.

The way organizations are able to obtain email addresses for email remarketing is through different features on their website. You may offer an email newsletter and can capture the user�s email address this way. You may ask for the email address when requiring users to register with your site in order to shop in your online store. Or you may ask for the email address when people being the checkout process, but may not complete the transaction.

Once you have captured the email address, you can use email remarketing to target specific consumers which abandoned your website. You can choose to target consumers which started checkout processes but left the website. You may decide to target consumers which view certain products, add them to their cart never initiate a check out process. You can decide which sorts of personalized messages you want to send these different groups in order to bring them back to your online store.

You can even have links to social networking sites included in your email remarketing messages to consumers more information about your company and products. You can also implement this type of solution over SMS which will send text messages in place of your email message when you capture a cell phone number.

Email remarketing campaigns can result in a five to fifteen percent increase in sales of your merchandise, leading to higher profits. Without this type of business solution for your website, you are left to put your trust into the consumers. Most people will shop around until they find the best price for the products they desire. By being able to offer them special discounts through a remarketing campaign you can prevent them from getting similar items or products from your competition.

When you are ready to add an email remarketing solution to your e-commerce website store, you can find an easy to implement solution available from UpSellit, which manages, hosts, continually optimizes the customer remarketing campaign on a 100% pay-for-performance pricing model. For further information, assistance with questions or to obtain a free demo of their Smart Agent solution, visit the website or call 866-504-9619.

Customer Feedback Survey

Understanding how consumers shop and browse for items is just as important as completing sales transactions. When you use customer feedback survey tools you can discover the reason why a consumer is leaving your website without making a purchase. Learning these reasons can help you better develop marketing campaigns to target this current non-customer segment and get them to purchase products and services from your company.

With so many different companies out there offering e-commerce shopping sites it opens up many opportunities for consumers to comparison shop from the convenience of their home or office. However, not all of these sites take the time to implement customer feedback survey polls when a consumer leaves their website. Even though someone may not be in the position to purchase from you today, does not mean that they might want your products or services in the future.

When you use customer feedback survey solutions, you collect data about the non-consumer leaving your website. You can ask for specific reasons for their departure as well as offer to send them your newsletter, special online promotion messages or coupon codes by obtaining their email address. Most people will offer up their email address without thinking twice, giving you a larger audience to market your products and services to without having to lift a finger. Feedback surveys can increase your online sales from one to five percent when used correctly.

Should a consumer reveal through the customer feedback survey that they have concerns about shipping or product information questions, you can offer assistance when you include automated chat features along with the feedback survey. Rather than letting the consumer escape you can suggest that they use the automated chat feature to have their questions answered. Often times you can save anywhere from ten to twenty-five percent of these types of issues resulting in higher sales and profits for your company.

You can also incorporate customer feedback survey tools along with email remarketing program solutions. How these two tools work interactively is by capturing an email address or cell phone number. Once you have this information you can send an email or text message to the user thanking them for visiting your website. The message can include special shopping promotions, sales discounts or any other information you desire. If the consumer was already in the middle of starting a sales transaction and left items in their shopping cart or abandoned the check-out process you can even include a link back to the last page they visited on your site.

Combining customer feedback survey tools with both email remarketing and automated chat tools can help increase your online sales substantially higher than when you use just one of the tools by themselves. It is not necessary to use the tools together and you can experiment with one tool at time. Once you see the results from each individual tool, you will want to add the others. You can find these abandonment tools from UpSellit, which requires no set up fees or maintenance fees and is a 100% pay-for-performance system. You can learn more about these tools by visiting the website or call 866-504-9619 for further information.

Customer Recovery

When we define UpSellit as a 'Customer Recovery Solutions Provider,' we are using the term customer recovery rather loosely. If they are a customer, as defined by Merriam-Webster as 'one that purchases a commodity or service,' then there is nothing to recover. So, when discussing customer recovery we mean to say potential customer recovery, defining a potential customer as one who intended to make a purchase but did not complete the transaction. UpSellit's ability to identify a potential customer is a science that has taken the past seven years to perfect, and is one of the most important factors when considering a shopping cart abandonment solution provider.

Customer recovery is the act of engaging customers mid or post shopping cart abandonment in order to convince them to return and complete the conversion. UpSellit leverages custom email remarketing, automated chat, and intelligent survey technologies that effectively segment, target and recover abandoning or abandoned customers. Our SmartAgent automated chat solution engages customers mid-abandonment in order to address purchase concerns, answer FAQs, and provide an incentive to complete the conversion. Our DataHound Email ReMarketing solution increases conversions by capturing pre-submit customer information for targeted email remarketing. UpSellit's intelligent Abandonment Survey solution captures valuable customer feedback for customer recovery and actionable sales insight.

With over 10 million recovered customers and over seven years experience, UpSellit is your best choice for implementing the most effective customer recovery solution. UpSellit has partnered with eBusinesses across all verticals, from lead generation to online retail, and developed completely custom shopping cart abandonment solutions that have increased conversions and provided valuable business insight. All of our custom technologies are 100% performance based, are free to get started, and do not require length-of-use contracts, so contact an account representative today.
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