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Learn how Lenovo's remarketing
campaign converted at 35%.

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Email Remarketing can turn cold leads into loyal customers.

Over 56% of customers abandon checkout before completing their purchase. Many of these consumers leave without a trace, stopping a sale in its tracks. UpSellit's Email Remarketing Platform recaptures the interest of abandoning customers with PreCapture, recovering lost revenue on a 100% pay-per-performance basis.

PreCapture, UpSellit's proprietary lead recovery solution, actively monitors checkout fields for contact information. The moment user input is detected, PreCapture collects it, ensuring that even customers who never move past the first stage of checkout can be converted into valuable customers. Download our latest case study to learn how PreCapture fueled an email remarketing campaign for that converted at 35%.

Read the case study to learn:
  • The critical remarketing timeframe.
  • The key components of a feature-rich email remarketing campaign.
  • How to recover leads from customers who don't submit information.

Read through the complete case study for details on creating a customized, multi-touch email remarketing campaign for one of the world's most successful PC vendors. Download the study for detailed results, strategies, and incredible statistics.

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