Email ReMarketing with  Datahound

Email ReMarketing

with Datahound Lead Recovery

Learn how ALLDATA increased
new customer acquisitions by 9.2%

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Datahound Lead Recovery will boost your remarketing efforts.

An average of 72% of your shoppers are abandoning their cart. UpSellit provides online businesses with 100% pay-for-performance customer recovery solutions that work to effectively recover your lost sales and deliver an immediate ROI.

UpSellit's Email ReMarketing solution leverages a proprietary Datahound Lead Recovery technology that enables businesses to remarket to more abandoned carts than ever before. Download our latest case study to learn how ALLDATA successfully remarketed to 88% of their abandoned carts in order to increase new customer acquisitions by 9.2%.

Read the case study to learn:
  • The most effective email remarketing messaging strategies.
  • The optimal time and frequency for remarketing emails
  • How to collect remarketing info from first-time shoppers

Download the complete case study for an in-depth breakdown of the custom email remarketing campaign UpSellit developed for ALLDATA, and discover the best practices that lead to an incredible performance.

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