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Abandonment Chat

Abandonment Chat
Convince abandoning visitors to convert with
a customized automated sales representative.
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Address the Reasons for Abandonment
Abandonment Chat increases conversions with a live chat simulation that assists visitors the instant they abandon. UpSellit's SmartAgent® chat technology understands everyday language and provides real-time intelligent support to address the reasons for abandonment and provide an incremental lift in conversions.
Abandonment Chat Designs
SmartAgent Chat
SmartAgent Live Chat Simulation
Abandonment Chat is powered by a sophisticated automated chat engine called SmartAgent®. Unlike simplistic 'chat bots' that trigger on keywords, SmartAgent® analyzes sentence structure, conversation history and session data to understand both what a visitor said and what they meant. SmartAgent® is preprogrammed with a professional personality that handles everything from small talk to personal questions. UpSellit then builds a custom knowledgebase that answers thousands of client-specific questions with incredible accuracy.
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Chat Deployment Methods
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Chat Window Design
Abandonment Chat
Intelligent Abandonment Detection
Abandonment Chat is a highly targeted customer recovery solution that engages specific segments of abandoning traffic. UpSellit develops custom strategies to recover visitors and provides two methods of Abandonment Detection. The Reactive Method detects the unload of the page and alerts visitors that a representative would like to chat. The Predicitve Method analyzes customer behavior, session data, and visitor details to predict abandonment and instantly initiate a chat conversation.
SmartAgent's Knowledge Base
SmartAgent Natural Language Parsing (NLP) Engine
Adjustable Agent Type Speed
Custom Conversation Font Formatting
Active Language Detection
Time-Sensitive Reminders
Second Pop-Functionality
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